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Welcome to Medical Voices - Medical Narration by Suzanne Weintraub

Suzanne Weintraub Medical Voice OversWith over 20 years experience in the medical narration field, Suzanne Weintraub has narrated hundreds of medical, scientific, and pharmaceutical projects. Known for her command of medical terminology, Suzanne's precision and expertise with scientific scripts has made her one of the most sought after medical voice over talents in the industry. The warm and confident quality of her voice is what brings a sense of authority and authenticity to every voiveover project she records.

From medical textbooks to pharmaceutical sales training videos, Suzanne has recorded for some of the most prestigious companies in the country. Her medical voiceover talent includes healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical publishing. Suzanne's ability to record long form narration in a short amount of time has earned her the respect of many audio engineers, producers, and project managers. Therefore, saving time and money for everyone who needs mediacl voice over.

Suzanne provides a quick turn around time...often recording the same day as receiving the script. Suzanne is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two daughters.

"We worked with Suzanne on about 20 sales training modules during the past year. Her pronunciation is excellent! She is consistently professional, charming, and a pleasure to work with."
Barbra Baker, Biocentric Inc.
"Suzanne has narrated countless CME programs for Med-IQ over the last several years. Her warm yet authoritative tone, command of difficult medical terminology, and ultimate professionalism are what makes her one of the top voice talents in the medical narration field."
Scott Weber, CEO, Med–IQ
"I think your narrator is great. I've done some e-learning narration myself and really admire Suzanne's command of medical terminology. If there are e-learning narration Oscars, she should be up for one!"
Elizabeth English, Editor, Astra Zeneca
"Suzanne has an elegantly rich tone to her voice that works very well in the professional environment. The work that we involve her in is often medical in nature, with complicated pronunciations and terminology. Suzanne's range of experience in linguistics proves to be extremely valuable."
Justin L. Stotsky, Associate Producer, Osprey Communications