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Afluria CSL Biotherapies
Diabetes University Sanofi-Aventis
Diabetes University Sanofi-Aventis
Ortho Lab's "Infectious Diseases"
Discovery Health Channel's "Quints by Surrogacy"
Delaware County Memorial Hospital Maternal Care
"Suzanne Weintraub is a voice talent we turn to again and again. She's reliable, smart, and our clients ask for her by name. I guess it's because her delivery is always believable and engaging. Plus she often knocks out copy in a single take. She's our first call for many different types of assignments."
Rhonda Fabian, Partner
Fabian-Baber Communications
"Anyone who knows Suzanne knows that she is a pleasure to work with and a real professional. The work that we do together often contains difficult medical terminology that can be a nightmare for the talent, but Suzanne does her research and is always prepared for our session. She takes direction well and makes the job of producing a session easier for everyone, especially me. I highly recommend her."
Carl Seidel, Client Service Director
AXIOM Professional Health Learning

Suzanne Weintraub - Medical Voice Over Talent
Philadelphia, PA USA
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